security alarm for private property

It can be hard finding the right home in the right neighborhood, which makes it so satisfying when you finally do. However, no matter how good of a neighborhood you might live in, the threat of a burglary or a fire is always imminent.
Protect your home with our premium burglar alarm installation, which keeps intruders off your private property. With the help of our premium fire alarms, you can stay aware of smoke or other harmful gasses in your atmosphere. The fire alarm can also alert you of a fire if it is inside your home.

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Burglar Alarm System

Our burglar alarm system is able to keep unwanted visitors away from your home, thanks to an abundance of features. For starters, our systems come with motion sensors that we equip on every entry point of your home. The motion sensors will be able to detect the slightest movement and will sound the intruder alarm after detecting an intruder. With all of the entry points in your home now covered, intruders will never be able to get in.
We also offer two very different types of burglar alarms, such as the wireless alarm and the wired alarm. The wireless alarm is useful in bigger houses, as the time for installation is much smaller. Moreover, these wireless alarms are able to spread out over a much larger range, which makes them ideal for bigger houses. These wireless alarms can also come with features like a button to deactivate the alarm or a phone app that allows you to control the alarm directly through your phone.
Wired systems take much longer time to install, but can be a lot more reliable since they do not have to depend on battery or wireless signals. They are also much faster than their wireless counterparts.

Fire Alarm System

Other than burglars, you will also have to be wary of a fire in your home or an abundance of harmful gasses. With the help of our fire alarm systems, you can make you and your family aware of a fire, giving all of you plenty of time to escape. The alarm will also be able to alert you of any harmful gasses inside your house, such as carbon monoxide.
We offer both the wireless fire alarm and the wired fire alarm for you to choose from. The wired alarm connects directly to the main power for a more reliable connection and can transfer alerts much faster. But wired alarms can shut down in the event of a blackout, and require a constant connection to the main control panel.