security alarm systems for office spaces

Securing the workplace and protecting property and assets should be your major concern when you are running a business. You want to make sure that your office space is protected in every possible way and that no intruder can access with the intention of theft, vandal, or any other criminal activity. Your responsibility is to protect your working staff, merchandise, IT data, valuable equipment, and goods, and more. Our office security solution provides a burglar alarm installation so to help you ensure that your workplace remains safe from any intruder. You may also want to install an intruder alarm in important places that allow limited access.

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Burglar alarm installation

Your office spaces are unsecured if you have not installed a burglar alarm yet. If you think that installing a basic alarm system for your workplace is enough to secure it, then we are afraid that is not the case. The security system requires different types of equipment and needs to make it well protected. Burglar alarm installation is one of the most important tools to secure your business place. 
We give you custom-built intruder alarms according to your needs. Our wireless alarms are not just effective at giving alerts but also give your office space a sophisticated look with the absence of long wires. The wireless alarms are equipped with IP technology, which can send alerts to your smartphone so that you can keep an eye on your workplace from anywhere.

Wireless Alarm

Keep your assets safe with the best wireless alarms that we have to offer. These intruder alarms are very simple to use and can provide immense benefits to their users. These wireless alarms have incredible range, and the lack of wires allows you to place the motion sensors anywhere. The lack of wires really lets the wireless alarms stand out, and give you a lot of freedom in where you would want to place them. 
Apart from their incredible range, wireless intruder alarms are also very easy to use and are very accessible. These alarms come with remote access through remote control or a phone app. You can easily use the phone app to disable the alarm or make changes to the alarm settings without having to go to the main control panel. All new wireless alarms also let you connect the alarm system with a smart speaker or voice assistant, which makes controlling the alarm system significantly easier.
However, these intruder alarms do come with their fair share of problems, like how they require constant battery checks to ensure that the motion sensors are working. Furthermore, these wireless alarms are more susceptible to hacking and can incur signal transmission errors that make them a little unreliable over their wired counterparts.