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Brooklyn, the Borough of New York City, houses a lot of extraordinary residential neighborhoods. However, only a few neighborhoods come close to the incredibly posh environments that are present in Brooklyn Heights. It’s one of the most elegant locations that house sleek and highly attractive brownstone architecture. The tree-lined neighborhood accompanied by the East Riverbank offers spectacular views and recreational opportunities to the residents. In Brooklyn Heights, you will find sightseeing spots from where you can view the captivating Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline.

All local families and residents are friendly in Brooklyn Heights and are especially welcoming to newcomers. The neighborhood’s friendliness and compassionate behavior isn’t the only factor that attracts many families and young couples. In fact, facilities such as educational institutes, schools, playgrounds, themed restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops are factors that attract young families and professionals. Being a residential and posh neighborhood, the expensive houses and apartments benefit significantly from the best security solutions.

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Burglar Alarm System Installation Services

Why should you have a high-quality burglar alarm system in place? To protect against intruders, burglars, and thieves who target homes, offices, and other residential/commercial properties. We can install burglar alarm systems around your house and office strategically to offer the best possible protection against unauthorized access or property intrusion. We work with top manufacturers, including 2GIG, Honeywell, and Napco.

Our vandal-proof burglar alarms aren’t easy to break, deter, or even turn off. When they’re armed and active around a premise, they instantly go off when someone tries to do anything such as break or turn them off. Dismantling them isn’t easy, and that means they’ll be a nightmare for burglars. Our water-proof and wireless burglar alarms offer even higher levels of safety for your loved ones, property, and valuable assets.

Fire Alarm System Installation Services

Fire incidents can take place at any time, anywhere. So, the best possible defense is to install high-quality fire alarm systems that will inform authorities instantly in case of a fire. But, you don’t have to go for just about any fire alarm system. Our company has been working with the top brands in the industry to provide high-quality fire alarm systems.

Our fire alarm systems come with great-quality smoke detectors and temperature sensors. As soon as our alarms detect a fire, they send out voice and location alerts to nearby authorities. And they ring loud enough to alert the tenants, occupants, and neighbors to run for safety.

Wireless Alarm System Installation Services

With the help of our wireless alarm systems, you can ensure a higher level of protection for your house or office. Our wireless alarms operate on a greater range since they aren’t wired or involve any application of cords. They work on internet connectivity technology which makes them a must-have for large properties such as big luxurious homes, offices, or commercial structures. They’re easy to maintain, and the installation is fairly simple.

Moreover, they’re safer as there are no wires or cords involved that could lead to tripping accidents, wire breakage, and so on. Investing in wireless alarm systems can also help you present a stronger defense against burglars and other types of intruders as they won’t simply break in after “cutting a wire” to your burglar alarm.

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byFrank B. onSecurity Alarm NY
Security Alarm NY offers the best in home security

Security Alarm NY offers the best in home security in Brooklyn Heights from their cutting-edge innovation, to their competitive valuing to the best month-to-month administration out there. Our Security Consultant is an example worth following! He is incredibly proficient, exceptionally persistent, and truly assisted us with tracking down the right bundle to suit our requirements.

byRuth M. onSecurity Alarm NY
Everything looks OK!

Everything looks OK! I just set up an alarm system in my office at Brooklyn Heights. The individual from Security Alarm NY, who introduced the system was AWESOME! The sales rep was not ideal but he also did pretty well. The caution is doing its thing which is great. Up to this point, an inward feeling of harmony! 10/10

byMason L. onSecurity Alarm NY
Highly suggested!

In the wake of getting a few statements from different Security companies existing in Brooklyn Heights, we chose Security Alarm NY. The staff completely made sense of the help and were adaptable in setting up an opportunity to meet. When the time to really get our framework came, the technician was on time, proficient, and agreeable. Highly suggested!