security alarm system for warehouses

Security is an important aspect of operating a commercial business. When you have a lot of inventory stored away in a series of warehouses, you need to ensure property safety and security of the said goods. When talking strictly about premises like warehouses, storage facilities, and manufacturing plants, security is a challenging task. There are a lot of angles and aspects that security managers have to consider before installing the right security system. Even after that, some improvement is still needed. Warehouses are among the most common targets for thefts and robberies.

The real concern for warehouse safety pertains to security managers who sometimes don’t consider the right amount of security systems. This can be damaging when you’re running a business and may lead to heavy financial losses. So, to help you find the perfect solution for your warehouse’s security requirements, Security Alarm NY offers the best systems. We can make sure that your warehouse doesn’t lack proper safety protocols and security measures.

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Reasons for Installing a Warehouse Security System

Before we get to what types of alarms and security systems can help your warehouse become more secure, let’s discuss the benefits of having one first. Installing a security system has many benefits, including reduced chances of thefts and robberies, along with reduced risks of extensive fire damages. Besides, the workers operating in warehouses can’t keep a check on all corners of a large-scale structure. Thus, installing a security system can give provide them assurance and peace of mind.

Less Vandalism and Theft

The primary reason for installing a security system inside a warehouse is to reduce the risk of thefts and robberies. When robbers are aware of the security systems inside a facility, it’s less likely that they will target it. Moreover, when there’s a security surveillance system active inside a warehouse, spotting intruders and catching them on time becomes easier. This can be extremely helpful if combined with professional monitoring.

Overall Surveillance and Security

Keeping your workers secure, whether they’re inside the warehouse or outside of it is important. With an active security surveillance system, video recording can ensure the timely arrival of emergency personnel. This is helpful when accidents occur on-premises and workers get affected. Video surveillance can prevent thefts and allow managers to supervise workers. With proper video surveillance, the workers will be aware of the observation. Thus, they will also work efficiently and avoid wasting time inside the warehouse.

Property Protection

How can a security system protect the property? Firstly, installing a fire alarm system will prevent fire damage from spreading. Alarms will start ringing as soon as the smoke from a fire reaches the sensor or temperature change takes place. This will alert workers and security managers. While workers will be able to take evasive actions, security managers will stop the fire from spreading.

Prompt Alerts to Authorities

You need this benefit more than others if you have installed expensive machinery, technology, or devices in your warehouse. Keeping valuable information and machinery inside the warehouse increases the risks of burglaries taking place. With a solid burglar alarm system in place with the help of Security Alarm NY, you can reduce the chances of losing valuables to intruders.

In case the warehouse is empty or non-operational, and intruders break-in, an armed alarm system will alert the nearby authorities while sending for dispatch. This can also be helpful during a fire incident where the fire rescue department may be needed.

Protection of Workers and Goods

Fire alarms and similar types of sensors can detect a wide variety of issues. For instance, fire alarm-associated sensors can detect unusual carbon monoxide levels, which are critical signs of a fire hazard. Moreover, some sensors provide accurate and timely notifications for leakages and flood levels.

So, if you are ready to make your warehouse a safe and secure working space, then we can help you get the best system in the market.

Why Choose Us?

Warehouse security isn’t a simple task, and that’s why we recommend working with our professionals. Security Alarm NY possesses trained, experienced, and educated personnel who’s well aware of installing security systems in warehouses and similar facilities.

Several factors make warehouse security system installation a challenging task for managers and owners. The first challenge is that warehouses are large spaces, and covering all angles depending on the type of security system is tricky. Secondly, warehouses involve a lot of foot traffic which means many people enter and exit the facility every hour.

Furthermore, several warehouse managements ensure access control. This implies that access to specific areas is designated to only a small group of individuals. Hence, analyzing and assessing the security risks of those areas can be difficult. Nevertheless, with the help of the right company by your side, you can tailor the perfect security system for your warehouse needs and requirements.

Types of Security Systems Your Warehouse Can Use

A single warehouse security system has a lot of moving parts. It’s quite difficult to pinpoint the main needs and requirements due to that. However, we’ve taken a comprehensive look at the general security system needs of warehouses. So, let’s discuss each component that’s vital for tailoring the perfect security system.

Keep in mind that it’s important to discuss the use of each system and how they can be made more effective.

  • Alarm Systems

Alarm systems don’t need to be included as a sub-part of an effective security system. When talking about warehouse or any other facility’s security system needs, most warehouse owners and managers think that alarm systems are a sub-part. However, they require focused consideration. The best alarm system will include multiple sensors covering areas like glass windows, doors, and control rooms. There are various types of sensors in a single alarm system, but that depends on which ones you need the most.

For instance, the best alarm system will include several components. Some of them are proximity sensors, flood sensors, protocols, wiring, sound sensors, and backend digital storage. Apart from that, you have to consider the right type of monitoring method.

Are the warehouse workers and security managers well-versed in operating the alarm systems installed by Security Alarm NY? Do you need professional monitoring to keep an eye on inside and outside your warehouse 24/7? What kind of protocols should initiate in case a break-in or intrusion occurs? There’s a lot to consider, which is you must go for professional guidance from Security Alarm NY.

  • Video Surveillance System (Security Cameras)

Video surveillance is a must for any warehouse, just like fire alarms. High traffic areas require that security managers know who goes in and out of the warehouse. Security cameras are among the first few considerations that security managers make about making a warehouse safer. However, installing certain video cams across the facility won’t help in catching any intruders or break-in suspects.

There’s an extensive range of components and wiring that goes on at the backend to make sure that you get effective video surveillance. The important things that a proper video surveillance system will need include storage for video recordings, software for accessing video recordings, display screens for live monitoring, and control panels

You can only install the right security system with the help of the best professionals in the business. Professionals at Security Alarm NY can help with lighting options and video cam placement across the warehouse. We can ensure the installation of an effective video surveillance system so you can keep track of who goes in and out of your warehouse.

  • Access Control Systems

Access control systems are strictly for preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing an area. Installing an access control system in a warehouse is necessary to keep the designated personnel within their area. Another reason for using such systems is that warehouse managers want to keep the expensive machinery and confidential information safe and secure. While an access control system will prevent unauthorized workers from accessing a particular area, you’ll get fewer break-ins and intrusions.

The latest access control systems enable face recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint biometrics. Similarly, the common forms of access control systems involve the use of keycards or, simply, keys.

  • Burglar Alarm Systems

As the name suggests, this is something that you must consider if you’re operating a warehouse or a chain of them. Burglaries, robberies, and vandalism are quite common against warehouses. That’s one major reason to install the right security system and prevent unauthorized access to your warehouse. Not only do burglaries impose heavy financial losses but also increase the risk of personal injuries for nighttime guards. Robbers and thieves are usually armed, which can lead to loss of life. So, to keep your workers and merchandise secure, you can install the perfect burglar system in your warehouse.

Burglar alarm systems usually comprise motion sensors, glass-break sensors, and sound sensors that detect unusual activity in an instant. With technology by Honeywell or other manufacturers installed by Security Alarm NY, you can make sure that your warehouse becomes burglary-proof soon.