security alarm for apartments

Living in an apartment can give a nice and cozy feeling to most people, and that is why they prefer them to bigger houses. However, no matter how good of a neighborhood your apartment might be in, there is always the threat of either burglars or fire. 
With the help of our security system for apartments, you will not have to worry about any burglars, and you will know if there is a fire. Our wireless alarm, combined with the intruder alarm, has superb intruder detection, which allows it to deter any unwanted guests. A fire alarm for your apartment can inform you of any gasses in the environment or of a fire in your home.

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Burglar Alarm

With a burglar alarm installation, you can easily keep your apartment safe from unwanted personnel. Throughout the installation phase, we will place motion sensors on every entry point in your home. These motion sensors will be able to detect even the slightest movement, which will instantly ring the intruder alarm. This intruder detection keeps your home safe and can protect your belongings. 
We also offer wireless and wired alarms for you to use in your apartment. The wireless alarm is a lot simpler to operate and can have a lot more features for you to use. With wireless alarms, you would not have to go to a single control panel to shut off the alarm, and can instead do it with a remote or through an app with your phone. Of course, these alarms do require batteries to function, so you will have to change them regularly.

Intercom System Installation

The common options for the types of intercom system include an analog intercom system, audio intercom, and digital video intercom. Digital video intercom combines the features of high-quality digital IP camera and audio and video chatting. We even offer to add access control features on custom build intercoms. Access control helps to limit access to trusted people only which is very important for critical places of your businesses. 

Fire Alarm

Burglars are not your only security concern in an apartment; you have to be wary of fire or any harmful gasses in the atmosphere. Our fire alarm detectors can sense any harmful substance in the air, such as carbon monoxide. Along with carbon monoxide detectors, we also provide smoke alarms that can inform you of fire or harmful smoke in your house. 
We also provide both wired and wireless fire alarms for installation. These types offer widely different benefits to the user. Wired systems are more reliable and are much faster, but they can take a much longer time to install, and you will have to go the console to turn off the alarm.
Wireless alarms take much less time to install and can work without fail even during a blackout. They also give users the ability to turn off their alarms with the help of a button or with a smartphone app, giving users much more versatility. However, these wireless devices require batteries to function, which means that you will have to change them regularly. Each type of alarm comes with its fair share of pros and cons, so choose your alarm wisely.