Alarm system installation Fresh Meadows

Surrounded by the Cunningham Park, Fresh Meadows is a great neighborhood in Queens. The neighborhood is home to incredibly lush trees that cover the sidewalks with their long branches. There is a lot of natural beauty here, which makes a living here so much more delightful.

Despite being a great neighborhood, you should not let your guard down. Burglars and thieves entering your home can be a serious threat to your safety. One of the best ways you can keep them at bay is with a good alarm system. Lucky for you, at Alarm System NYC, you can find the best alarm systems to help you protect your home.

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Burglar Alarm System Installation

Burglar alarms are essential to your home, as they actively protect your home from any unwanted guests. Most alarm systems come equipped with effective motion sensors, cameras, and even sound detectors. All of these combine to provide you with reliable safety that you can trust.

Our motion sensors are very sensitive to movement and can ring the alarm if anyone passes by them. Therefore, when installing them, we place motion sensors on every exit and entrance of your house, ensuring no one gets in or out without ringing the alarms. The sound detectors are able to pick up any loud noises in the area.

Fire Alarm System Installation

Other than a burglar alarm, every security system also comes with a dedicated fire alarm. These fire alarms inform you and your family in case of a fire in the vicinity. These alarms also send a distress signal to your nearest fire department, ensuring that they arrive at the scene in time. Some fire alarms are also able to detect various other harmful gasses and a sudden rise in temperature.

Wireless Alarm System Installation

We offer a wide range of different wireless alarms that provide you with a multitude of unique benefits. These wireless alarms allow you to control the system through your phone, along with other settings. If not an app, you can control these alarms through a remote, which is a lot less tedious than manually entering the code. Wireless alarms are a great addition to any home and can help protect your family.