security alarm system for Auto Repair Shops

Since vehicles and their components can be worth thousands of dollars, they can be the most attractive target for burglars and thieves. Therefore, providing and maintaining high security to these cars should be a priority for all repair shop owners.

Not only this, but you need a solution to deal with unexpected, hazardous events that can cause great damage to your customers, cars, employees, and shop. Preventing problems before they get worse can help you save your business name and trustworthiness. In fact, providing great security to these vehicles can also impress customers that help you attract new customers and build strong relationships with the ones you already have. We offer affordable, efficient, promising, and durable security systems so that you don’t have to worry about robbers and thieves.

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Reasons Auto Repair Shops Need More Security

Valuable Assets

Auto repair shops have the responsibility to keep their customers’ vehicles for repairs for a day and often overnight. While all the vehicles are valuable assets for their owners, some of them are more expensive than others, such as luxury vehicles and sports cars.

Along with purchasing appropriate insurance coverage to deal with unexpected problems and circumstances, you need to take some steps to keep unfortunate events from occurring. You need to secure your client’s cars and SUVs during the day when employees and outsiders can enter and exit the shop. Besides that, you need to add more security for overnight monitoring when no one is there to protect these assets.

The best thing a shop owner can do to protect himself against liability claims and maintain credibility in the market is by installing a burglar alarm system. This way, not only can you prevent burglary, but also quickly get notified in the presence of fire and carbon monoxide to resolve the problem immediately.

Business Liability

If a car is damaged in your shop, how can you justify this incident? How can you prove that you have taken good care of someone’s valuable item? Your customers will need proof to believe that the damage that happened was not due to your mistake or oversight.

One way to do that is to check the camera footage. This way, you can ensure that the car is repaired and updated according to the customers’ guidelines. Even if the damage occurs in your facility, you can catch the culprit to resolve the problem. Therefore, it’s important to use cameras with at least mid-range capability inside the building. Installing exterior cameras is also an appropriate option to keep an eye on every corner of your shop.

Good access control measures, nighttime monitoring services, and cameras on entrance can reduce the risk of vandalism and theft in your shop.

What about employees’ safety? Having a proper security system with cameras and alarms will help you give maximum protection to your employees. If your employee gets injured while working, you can determine whether it happened because of their own mistake or due to your faulty equipment. Preventing problems and giving evidence on time will protect your business’s reputation and credibility.

Customer Information

Cars are not the only thing that you have custody of, but you also have sensitive information about customers. Customer records in your office have important and sensitive information like personal files, customer names, addresses, business information, phone numbers, or vehicle identification numbers.

On top of that, auto repair shops have employees’ information, like banking details and payroll information.

These documents have important and sensitive information that you need to protect, but how can you do that? The best security measures include burglar alarms, notification features, and locked storage in rooms where sensitive files are stored.

Additionally, installing a security system that offers services to your entire repair shop is the easiest and ideal option for you.

So, if you are ready to make your place a secure and safe place to work, we can help you get the best system on the market.

What Components do You Need?

Each auto repair shop or facility is different, as every shop or facility owner operates in a different manner. Therefore, your building requires a unique approach.

In general, an auto repair shop needs the following components, and you need to customize your security based on the building type, your budget, and congregation. Note that the following components and features are necessary to get maximum security.

Security Cameras

Having outdoor and indoor cameras will offer you more security. Shop owners can enjoy the benefit of surveillance that offers safety to workers, customers and monitors expensive cars while they are on your premises.

Whether you need to keep a vehicle for a day or week, installing security cameras gives you peace of mind and helps you attract customers because of your amazing services.

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are a must for an auto repair security system. They will notify you when an intruder tries to step into your shop. You will immediately get timely notifications of events like break-ins and damage to your doors and windows.

These alarms play a great role in stopping the burglars, as on hearing the alarm, they will run for their life. Plus, you can quickly reach your shop and call the police to check for any damages and loss.

Fire Alarms and Sensors

Well, burglars and thieves are not your only enemy; fires caused by negligence can cause you great loss. Fire alarms notify you in case of fires.

Catching the problem early on will help you prevent or reduce the damage. It can save you from expensive repairs and replacements. This feature is even important when the auto repair facility is empty at night.

Glass Break Sensors

Most auto repair shops have massive windows to create an appealing and attractive look. But these long and tall glasses can cost you more than you can imagine. However, these glasses can be easily shattered, and entering your shop and getting out is not a big deal for savvy criminals.

So, do you want to give up on those big glass windows? No, not really. Installing premium quality glass break sensors can prevent intruders from entering your shop. These sensors can trigger the alarm and send you a notification so you can respond immediately.

Monitoring Services

As a businessman, you need to travel to another city or country. But leaving your shop unmonitored for days and weeks can take the attention of your business trips. However, when you have the ability to monitor your place remotely, you can enjoy long trips.

A security system with monitoring features allows you to check any space in your shop in real-time. You can keep an eye on employees and ensure the safety of your shop.

Control Panel

The control panel helps personalize the settings of cameras, alarms, and other components. You need one that comes with a password and reset options so that you can prevent others from using it without permission. Furthermore, it should be easy to use to allow you to change the settings effortlessly.

Types of Alarms you Need

Auto repair shops need high security and incredible monitoring services. SecurityAlarm NY provides you with the following types of alarms that offer optimal features.

Burglar Alarm

The burglar alarm system we provide is perfect for preventing intruders from entering. This system comes with significant sensors like intruder alarms, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and window/ door sensors that you can install throughout your space.

Installing sensors at a different part of your place can help you detect the slightest movements. This will trigger the alarm and create a sound that should deter the intruder.

This alarm also comes with other features like backup power, arm and disarm, communication options, password and reset, and monitoring services. You can manage and control the alarm based on your needs and preferences.

Each alarm also comes with unique features, such as an app. You can find others with simple control panels. There are also alarms that allow you to optimize the security system according to the construction of your building.

Wireless and Wired Security Alarms

We provide two types of security alarms, wired and wireless. Wired alarms require time and effort to disarm, which challenges criminals and burglars, making it hard to break into your shop. On the other hand, wireless alarms are easy to manage and allow you to control them remotely.

Of course, both have their own drawbacks, such as wireless being easy to hack due to being compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wired alarms require you to check the system to ensure smooth operation physically. Therefore, you need to choose the one for your property that can provide optimal benefits.