Security alarm system installation in NYC

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Security Alarm NY is a company dedicated to providing you with the best security solutions that industry has to offer. Choose from a massive list of unique alarms each with their own incredible features that can keep your home safe in the event of an intruder making their way in. the plethora of sensors, detectors, and camera make for a complete package that lets you protect your home from any unwanted guests. Also, offer installation of your alarm system, which can save you the hassle of installing all of the sensors and cameras yourself.

Our Solutions

Commercial Alarm System

Offices can house important information as well assets that could cost a company thousands of dollars. With the help of our alarm systems, you can make sure that no one can get into your office without your permission.

Residential Alarm Systems

Protect your home with a collection of various alarm systems that fit perfectly. Whether it is a big house with a front lawn and backyard or an apartment in the city, we have the alarms for you. Each alarm comes equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, which protect your home from unwanted guests or a fire.

Business Alarm System

Protect your business from the harm that robbers or thieves may cause to your company. With our alarm systems, you can protect your investment and rest easy knowing that it is safe with our various sensors and alarms.