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Queens is one of the oldest boroughs in the City of New York. The Queens Museum is one of the most popular places there, along with the Flushing Meadows Corona Park that houses the Unisphere. However, despite being a great place to live, you should never let your guard down and should take the right measures to protect your home. One way that you can properly protect your home is by getting an alarms system in your house. And at Security Alarm NYC, we provide some of the best alarm systems that you can find.

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Burglar Alarm

Each alarm system comes with state-of-the-art sensors that can detect both movement and sound. The motion sensors that come with each alarm system are very sensitive and are able to easily detect anyone that passes by them. So if someone in Queens decides to make their way into your home, they will certainly regret it.

Some alarm systems also come with sound sensors that can detect any loud sounds or noises. These sensors can detect loud sounds like glass shattering, loud thuds, or a gunshot, ensuring your home is safe when you are not around.

Fire Alarm

Each alarm system also comes with a good fire alarm and detector to ensure that your home is safe from a fire. Each alarm system that we offer features an added smoke detector that is able to track smoke from a fire and react accordingly. In addition, these alarms can detect smoke from other sources, which is optimal when you live in smaller apartments.

Some alarm systems also come with a smoke detector can sense other harmful gasses in the area. This can save you and your family in the nick of time.

Wireless Alarm

Living in Queens can be great, and with a wireless alarm to protect your home, it can be even better. Our wireless alarm systems come equipped with the best burglar and fire alarms that protect your home. But best of all, our alarm systems are wireless, which reduces the tediously long installation time as well as the hassle of permanently installing parts of the alarm systems to the walls. These wireless alarms are also significantly easier to control with their remotes or through dedicated apps. Each alarm is unique and comes with features tailored for different types of houses.

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bySean V. onSecurity Alarm NY
Security Alarm NY is a great organization of all time existence in Queens

Security Alarm NY is a great organization of all time existence in Queens. Genuine, solid and out of all the Alarm system companies I have hired, they’re awesome. They didn’t cheat and wound-up fixing things for free. They undercharged me on numerous things. A diamond of a company run by somebody who knows how to carry on with work and how to treat his clients.

byMarie C. onSecurity Alarm NY
I’m really impressed and highly appreciate!

Getting an efficient alarm system in Queens was such a headache for me. After searching here there like anything, I finally found Security Alert NY for doing the job. And you know what, they just did an amazing job that no one can imagine. I’m really impressed and highly appreciate!

byRoy W. onSecurity Alarm NY
Just Incredible!

An update to be shared. Still incredible and extremely content with the alarm that was installed a couple of years back when I was settled in Queens. Today I called Security Alarm NY about a movement sensor that appeared to be flawed and one of the folks were at my home in a couple of hours. Just Incredible!

byElijah G. onSecurity Alarm NY
These folks are awesome!

The staff worked effectively on my new security alarm system. Extremely proficient and on schedule for the gauge, fair cost, and afterward a magnificent establishment! Assuming one easily overlooked detail turned out badly, they sent a technician out quickly to deal with it. These folks are awesome!

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