Security Alarm Installation in Bronx

People living in the Bronx will agree that it is an affordable and lively place. The nightlife and shopping options here are incredible. Whether you are planning to move to the Bronx or already living in the neighborhood, you should protect your home with a security alarm system.

The majority of homes and offices in the Bronx install fire and burglar alarm systems. You can also install a wireless security alarm system to deter intruders.

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Wireless Security Alarm System

This is a reliable and cost-effective system to secure homes from internal and external threats. Internal threats can be fire outbursts or water flooding. The wireless security system has sensors and smoke detectors that detect unusual movement in the house and send signals. With the help of signals from smoke detectors, you can inform firefighters for rapid action. In other words, a wireless security alarm system can save lives and precious items in your home.

Another benefit of a wireless security alarm system is motion detection. In the Bronx, many residential and commercial property owners complain about burglary incidents in their property. The common thing about these homes is lack of proper wireless security alarm system. Wireless alarm includes motion detectors and sensors that deter thieves and criminals from breaking into the house. When someone tries to enter your home, the alarm will go on. As a result, they won’t be able to break into your home.

A wireless alarm system has no wires to cut. Thus, it is harder to bypass. Furthermore, the battery backup keeps the alarm system active even during a power outage or any other disruption. So, the system will protect your home 24/7 from fire and burglars.

Fire Security Alarm System

The fire alarm or fire detection system protects your home from fire. It includes smoke detectors that identify smoke on the premises and send signals so you can escape in time. Also, you can immediately contact firefighters so they can protect your home and precious items. A fire alarm system has different features. Some systems connect with your mobile device so you get updates about any disruption in the house. Here are some benefits of a fire security alarm system:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Flexible placement
  • Monitoring system
  • Warning signals
  • 24/7 protection

If you want to prevent any mishaps in your home due to fire, you should install a fire alarm. This is an efficient life-saving tool for commercial and residential space. By installing this system you can protect your home around the clock.

Burglar Security Alarm System

This is another important alarm system that you should install in your home. A burglar alarm system alerts you about an intruder that breaks into your home. You can install this system throughout your home and receive signals whenever someone tries to enter the house or office settings. A burglar security system comes with a motion detector that identifies any moment in your home.

The sensors of burglar security alarms are also active. This means that even when you are sleeping, you will know whenever someone steps into your home or breaks the window. However, you need to ensure that you install these sensors in the right location. If you hire a professional and reliable team to install this system in the house, they will determine the right spots. These teams follow fire alarm guidelines for the placement of sensors and alarms.

Security Alarm NY sends the right team to residential and commercial settings. If you want to protect your home from fire and burglars, you can give us a call. We have a skilled team with extensive years of experience in the business. They will identify the right location to install the alarm security system.

At, Security Alarm NY, our goal is to provide a reliable and high-tech system to residential and commercial properties in the Bronx to offer peace of mind to the owner. If you want to stay alert and secure, you should give us a call. Our experts will choose the right security system to protect your home from burglars and fires.

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byOleg S. onSecurity Alarm NY
There is no one better in Bronx

I've been a long-time customer of Security Alarms Ny since I'm living in Bronx. There is no one better in the home security industry, and I have 32 years of law enforcement experience. The staff looks after their clients, and their service is second to none. Strongly recommended.

byJackson H. onSecurity Alarm NY
Alarm system at my apartment in Bronx...

They are the absolute best! I have a 1970s alarm system at my apartment in Bronx that would go off after every power outage. I had no idea how to repair it, and neither did anyone else at the alarm company. In fact, no other alarm company would even come out to look; they simply heard how old the system was and refused. Paul arrived and solved my problem in about 4 minutes! I'm glad I made them the call.

byGarry. L onSecurity Alarm NY
I wish more businesses worked like this one in Bronx!

To be honest, this, Security Alarm NY, is one of the best companies I've worked with in a long time. They were extremely professional. They certainly know their trade. On time, prompt, polite, and adequate. Anyway, I rarely leave reviews, but this business deserves one! The owner, even followed up after the installation was completed. I wish more businesses worked like this one in Bronx! Thank you very much!