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Bedford in Brooklyn is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods. It is home to cultural traditions reflecting African-American heritage. You will find a multitude of coffee shops, cafes, and themed restaurants that are classy and stylish. Most locals enjoy attending live concerts with their loved ones. Whether it’s a celebration, festival, or simply a casual evening, residents are always friendly and helpful. It’s easy to find a rental property such as an apartment or house in Bedford, thanks to a number of great real estate agencies.

You will have a ton of recreational facilities to choose from when living in Bedford. Some of the amazing spots you can visit include classic restaurants, art galleries and exhibitions, and coffee shops. Let’s not forget about the cafes and the huge number of nightlife amenities you will have. Overall, Bedford is one of the most enjoyable places to live in Brooklyn. However, residing or even working in Bedford will require you to get your security measures in place. So, here’s how Security Camera NY helps!

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Burglar Alarm System Installation Services

For your home and office, there should be adequate safety/security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and intrusion. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, investing in the best security systems is your responsibility. You can deter burglars and intruders with our high-quality burglar alarm systems.

Our burglar alarms come with efficient motion sensors and high-end sound detectors. In case someone tries to break into your house or office via a window, door, or some other place, our burglar alarm system will instantly ring loud sirens and alert authorities. The main features of our burglar alarms include:

  • Vandal-proof alarms
  • Water-proof alarms
  • Wireless burglar alarms
  • Email, text, and video alerts
  • Silent alarms
  • Panic alerts
  • Mobile app integration
  • Remote access and control features (including arm and disarm)

Fire Alarm System Installation Services

More than $10 billion worth of property damages occurs in the US due to fire damages alone. To make sure your residential and/or commercial property doesn’t count in that stat, install the best fire alarm systems. You can opt for our fire alarm systems that come with wireless technology to offer higher-level protection. Our fire alarm systems integrate with a software application so you can control them via your smartphone, desktop computer, or laptop.

The alarms are also well-equipped in terms of smoke detectors and temperature sensors. They will ring instantly after detecting fire or signs of it in the house or office. Our fire alarms will send an instant alert to the nearby authorities and fire safety department in the form of location and voice alerts.

Wireless Alarm System Installation Services

You can take your home or office security to the next level with our wireless alarm solutions in Bedford. Our wireless alarm systems eliminate the need for cords and wired connections. With the lack of wired connections, internet connectivity technology links alarms with each other and the main system. That also means you’ll have a better range compared to the wired alarm systems. For a big house or commercial property, you can rely on wireless alarm systems’ range and hassle-free security options.

We install and maintain wireless alarm systems that are faster, efficient, and more secure. Since there are no cords or wires, you won’t have to spend additional money. Also, you won’t have to bear the cost of wire and cord repairs in the event of damage or burglar vandalism. The wireless alarms are as robust as a whale shark’s skin!

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 3 reviews
byPamela B. onSecurity Alarm NY
Truly felt like they exceeded all expectations

Just overcame setting up our new home in Bedform using Security Alarm NY. The staff is a delight to work with and the folks made the interaction a breeze. They introduced the framework and agreeably endured my inquiries in general, masochist banter over where to put establishments, and so on. Truly felt like they exceeded all expectations to give direction in exploring another security framework and ensure we got a decent worth as well. Truly feel a debt of gratitude, bless your heart!

byScott C. onSecurity Alarm NY
The system is first-rate and the assistance is reasonable

Incredible experience beginning to end with these folks from Security Alarm NY. The system is first-rate and the assistance is reasonable. Everybody we managed was educated and supportive. The establishment was no fuss and the framework works perfectly!

byAnna G. onSecurity Alarm NY
The staff did the job awesomely

My brother shifted to Bedford recently and his home got broken into so they chose to get an alarm framework. They went on and on about the gig the company, Security Alarm NY, accomplished for them so they put me in touch with them. The staff visited the home the following day and did the job awesomely.
Much thanks to the staff for the entirety of their assistance.