Security Alarm Installation
in Long Island

Many people living in NY think that Long Island is an expensive place suitable for vacations only. However, that’s not necessarily true. It is a great place to live with your family and start a business. What’s more, NY as a huge job market, business opportunities, and high-ranking schools. However, there are security issues for both business and residential settings.

But, this doesn’t mean that you ignore all the other benefits of living in Long Island and move to another city. Many homeowners in Long Island install a security alarm system to deter crime and secure their homes from fire.

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A reliable and robust security alarm system in Long Island can reduce your homeowner’s insurance and notify you of fire outbursts. As a result, you can protect your home and get a sense of comfort and security. The confidence of feeling safe will improve your health and productivity. But, you need a reliable and trustworthy partner to install a security alarm system in your home.

At Security Alarm NY, we have a qualified team to secure your home. Our team will choose the best alarm system for your home depending on your requirement. They will determine the right spots to install the security system. Then they will strategically place the alarm system in every corner of your home. Here are some alarm systems we install in residential and commercial settings:

Burglar Alarm

This alarm includes a motion detector and sensors. Our team will install these sensors near entry and exit points of your home such as doors and windows. The alarm goes on when the sensor detects movement in the house, especially when you are sleeping or away for vacation. The burglar alarm keeps thieves and criminals away from your home. Burglar alarms are active 24/7 and shift on battery power in case of main power failure.

Furthermore, you can use these sensors to track other activities in your home. Whether you want to monitor movements around exterior windows or near the home safe, you can install these sensors for all these purposes. This helps you to keep track of every activity in your home.

Fire Alarm

The major benefit of a fire alarm is ultimate safety. This system reduces the building’s destruction and keeps people safe. Installing this alarm system in your home you will get an early alert when the fire outbursts. This system increases response time and sends alerts so you can extinguish the fire.

Even when you are sleeping, the loud alarm will wake you up immediately. If you don’t have a fire sprinkler or other extinguishing device, you can contact firefighters. You will have enough time for them to arrive because of instant alerts.

The fire alarm is a cost-effective and most efficient solution to detect fire. This device is a life-saver and enables you to escape the building on time. It has smoke detectors that immediately turn on the alarm after noticing even a little smoke. But, you should consult with a reliable security alarm team for proper inspection of your home. At Security Alarm NY, we determine the right spots to place fire alarms in both commercial and residential settings.

Wireless Alarm

One of the major benefits of a wireless alarm system is cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Since this system doesn’t contain wires burglars can’t disconnect them with the system. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about short-circuiting and other disruptions in the system.

A wireless alarm system contains both motion detectors and smoke detectors. It protects you from burglar as well as fire outbursts. This is the ultimate solution to keep your home and office settings secure and future-proof. Moreover, you can upgrade the system whenever you want. You can add a security camera and control panel to this system. Although this system is easy to install, you will need a professional team with extensive experience in installation.

If you live in Long Island and want to install a reliable and future-proof system in your home, you can contact Security Alarm NY. We have a highly qualified team and experienced technicians to install burglar and fire alarm systems in the home. For more information, you can contact us and talk with our experts.