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Harlem is among Manhattan’s most diverse neighborhoods. Though it isn’t among the most luxurious areas of NY, it has everything you need. From high-quality public schools and commute system to shopping plazas and eateries, you name it. Many people prefer living here because of its nice and calm environment. However, the gang culture in Harlem can disrupt the city’s peaceful environment. You cannot guarantee the safety of your houses, offices, and other commercial buildings. Alarm Installation NYC offers the best security camera services in Harlem. Contact us for a new alarm installation or an upgrade.

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Burglar Alarm System Installation Services

Burglar proofing your house and business are one of the most crucial needs of today. You never know who can try to break into your property with the intention of theft, vandalism, or other serious crime. Investing in a high-quality burglar alarm system will save you from regretting later.

Installing a burglar alarm isn’t enough; you also have to make sure to get the best one. It should be foolproof for anyone who might try to vandalize or tamper with it. It should have all the features that align with your home and business’s security needs. Our burglar alarms systems have alarm from top-quality manufacturers. Everything from smoke detectors to the alarm bell has a sturdy construction, precise functions, and seamless performance.

Fire Alarm System Installation Services

In the USA, fires cause property damage worth about $10 billion annually. The saddest part is the loss of lives and injuries of thousands of people. In the event of a fire, the property and occupants both are at severe risk. Occupants face the risk of bodily harm or injury even if they don’t gain exposure to the flames directly.

It is crucial to take every possible step to secure your residence, business, and family from a fire. The most important step to take is to get a proper fire alarm system.

We provide the safest and most efficient fire alarm system. We have wired and wireless alarm systems you can choose from according to your need and budget. You can also add premium features like heat detection and safety light paths to further strengthen your fire security system.

Wireless Alarm System Installation Services

Installing a wireless alarm system can save you from a major hassle. You don’t have to pay extra for all the cables and wiring. Wireless alarms are easier and quicker to install. This makes your security system more effective, safe, and smarter.

Our wireless alarm system provides functionality and sophistication to your home or offices. We provide much cheaper wireless alarms than other companies without compromising on the quality.

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Security Alarm NY
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 5 reviews
byRichard C. onSecurity Alarm NY

The Security Alarm NY is superb! They bid rapidly with very aggressive rates, install the system rapidly and expertly, and best of all the assistance is extraordinary. I would highly suggest them to friends & family residing in Harlem and requiring insurance on their home or business.

byBetty M. onSecurity Alarm NY
Harlem is lucky to have them for their Alarm System services

Security Alarm NY might have effortlessly charged us something else for a remote movement sensor. They could have and we would have been unaware. In any case, they didn't. It took them about 15 minutes to track down the pre-wired sensor, however they got it done. Harlem is lucky to have them for their Alarm System services.

byAshley Z. onSecurity Alarm NY
I entrust them with everything

I needed the Alarm system to be installed for my 3 houses in Harlem and couldn't be more satisfied with the nature of work and the incredible skills of Security Alarm NY professionals. They made sure about things are correct. I entrust them with everything, in a real sense, and couldn't envision going with any other individual.

byBrian E. onSecurity Alarm NY
Seems like Security Alarm NY has been around everlastingly

Seems like Security Alarm NY has been around everlastingly. We had them introduce our first home and have kept on hiring them for all of our and still can't seem to have an issue. Indeed, regularly as not on the off chance that we want an overhaul the crew offers us a fair arrangement to stay aware of the times.

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