security alarm system for Pharmacies

Just like any other local business, pharmacies also require a security system. Break-ins and burglaries can occur around any building or structure. For pharmacies with expensive medicine in storage, being protected at all times is necessary. The pharmaceutical business is always booming, and it could result in widespread discrepancies if you’re a major supplier of medicines in demand. If your pharmacy doesn’t have proper security systems in place, you may have to take on the chances of paying a higher price later.

While drug abuse and inappropriate usage of prescriptions are on the rise, pharmacies need to improve their security. Taking the usual security measures like keeping a day or nighttime guard isn’t enough. Installing the latest technology-powered security systems is a better option to keep your pharmacy safe and sound. Let’s look at more reasons to help you understand the importance of installing a security system in your pharmacy.

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Reasons for Installing a Security System in a Pharmacy

Have you installed security cameras around your pharmacy? If yes, your pharmacy is safe from outdoor threats like burglars and vandals. But do you have security cameras and critical alarm systems inside your facility? Burglars and thieves are sometimes lurking within a building posing as workers.

Keeping active surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, and more forms of security can help in preventing disasters. Here’s why your pharmacy needs a security system.

For Deterring Thefts and Burglaries

This is a no-brainer whether you’re a large-size or small-size business. Burglars and vandals only look at the damage they can do and the reward they’ll get. Hence, they’ll attack the most vulnerable structures (i.e., without proper security systems in place.)

For Deterring Employee Misbehavior

When employees know that owners and managers are watching them, they work efficiently. On the other hand, this can also prevent employee misconduct. Drug abusers are right in our midst. You can prevent your workers from stealing valuable medicines and hoarding them for black market sale by installing the right security system and access control units.

For Finding Missing Medicines

If the supply gets lost, or no employee remembers the last time they saw the supply manifest, going through the video surveillance tapes will answer the question. Surveillance tapes can help realize whether it was an honest mistake or intentional misconduct.

For Getting Peace of Mind

Sometimes, the constant thought of losing precious property can be stressful on your mental health. In the pharmaceutical business, burglaries are common due to narcotics trafficking and drug abuse. So, installing a security system will help ease your mind.

For Recording Evidence

Since security systems are incomplete without video surveillance, you will find it a good source to record evidence. In case of misconduct, burglary, or any associated activity taking place, video surveillance recording will make it easier to present your case in front of law enforcement agencies.

So, if you are ready to make your place a secure and safe place to work, we can help you get the best system in the market.

Security Features Every Pharmacy Should Have

As an inexperienced individual in security systems, you may not have the right idea about which components to buy and install. Often, you have to take a lot of considerations into account when choosing the right security system. The security budget, number of employees, and the size of your pharmacy are critical factors.

On the other hand, a security system remains incomplete if you leave out some of the most common components. Without these components, a proper security system would be incomplete.

Professional and Self-Monitoring

Once a security system is in place, you can acquire professional monitoring services or monitor it yourself (i.e., self-monitoring). Though, you should know that professional monitoring involves 24/7 support and assistance. On the other hand, self-monitoring carries the risk of missing out on important notifications or alerts, resulting in heavy financial losses. Hence, professional monitoring entails that someone like Security Alarm NY always has your back covered.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a must for 360° surveillance. When customers come in and out of your pharmacy, keeping track of them becomes difficult. The case remains the same for the employees at your pharmacy. However, video surveillance is the perfect solution for that. It’s effective during open hours and when the pharmacy is closed. Keeping video surveillance 24/7 can act as evidence in case of a break-in or vandalism.

Fire Alarms (Carbon Monoxide Sensors)

As discussed earlier, burglars aren’t your only enemy. Fires can start due to several reasons and damage the internal structure of the pharmacy and its stock. Usually, fire alarms systems from Security Alarm NY offer advanced sensors that can pick up the smallest readings about carbon monoxide gas levels. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage by alerting the workers and fire departments about the situation.

Window and Door Sensors

Another component to complete the 360° security of a pharmacy includes window and door sensors. Breaking windows and ramming through the main doors are common forms of burglaries and vandalism. But, installing window and door sensors can trigger alarms that would raise awareness in the nearby authorities about ongoing illicit activities.

Types of Alarm Systems Your Pharmacy Needs

Every pharmacy has a different layout structure. That’s why all buildings require a security system tailored to their specifications. It’s not only a question of protecting the medicines but also the workers in the area. However, choosing the perfect security system for your pharmacy might not be easy. To help you out, Security Alarm NY offers some of the best components of a complete security system.

  • Burglar Alarm Systems

Virtually, a building can never be theft and robbery proof. However, deterring most thieves and robbers becomes easier with an active and armed burglar alarm system. You’ll have greater peace of mind when you know that the best burglar alarm system is protecting your pharmacy’s merchandise and the people working in it, including you. Security Alarm NY offers a range of intruder alarms to keep your pharmacy secure.

Most of our burglar alarm systems come equipped with motion sensors. We place these across your pharmacy in places with the most activity to deter and detect any uninvited guests anytime. Whether you require wired or wireless alarms is your decision solely. Both types of alarms have several advantages and disadvantages that you must consider before choosing a type.

Motion sensors are highly sensitive to movement and can detect even the slightest movement and raise the alarms. This will lead to loud sirens and an immediate alert to the authorities. Several intruder alarms in our range also detect different levels of sound. So, if a window breaks, you can rest assured that our alarms will ring and contact the authorities immediately.

Since your pharmacy will be expensive housing medicines and confidential customer information, you must prevent loss by deterring thieves and vandals.

  • Fire Alarm Systems

Apart from the burglars and vandals that are a possible threat to your pharmacy, you can’t ignore fire damage risks. Burglars are not your only enemy because fire damages tend to cause an endless wave of losses. Fires are a dangerous hazard because they not only damage the medicines and vital data centers inside a pharmacy but also generate a lot of harmful gasses that could injure the workers. Since pharmacies are full of medical supplies, the fire can spread rapidly with a slightly smaller window for escape.

For that reason, you must consider going for Security Alarm NY’s fire alarm systems. Our alarm systems can detect minor changes in temperature, gas levels, and more. With timely detection, the sensors will ring the alarms and inform workers and customers about the situation. This will allow an early escape and help the fire department be on time.

Sensors typically pick up increased carbon monoxide in the air instantly and alert nearby authorities about the ongoing fire situation. You can choose between wireless and wired fire alarm systems at Security Alarm NY. While wired alarm systems require a constant connection to the control panel, they can ring alarms and transfer alerts much faster. Conversely, wireless alarm systems aren’t prone to blackouts and function with batteries.

  • Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarms systems are among the most adaptive security measures that you can take for your pharmacy. Since they are wireless, you can place them in the most remote and less-frequented areas of the pharmacy. They won’t require a wire connection, and thus, they won’t be prone to any inactivity due to blackouts. As wireless alarm systems comprise sensors that work on batteries, all you’ll have to do is change those. However, you must consider the quality of the wireless alarm systems you’re opting for.

Security Alarm NY deals with the most popular security system components’ manufacturers in the US. The wireless alarms we provide have incredible range and aren’t prone to extensive restrictions. Interestingly, when opting for a wireless burglar alarm, you don’t have to worry about the intruders cutting the “main wire.” As they’re wireless, dodging them is more difficult.

Another helpful factor about wireless alarms is that they’re easy to operate remotely. Plus, relocating them is convenient because they don’t involve wiring. A single mobile application will let you take care of your wireless alarm systems’ functions. There are potential downsides to using wireless alarms as well. They involve signal interference and battery checkups.

Checking battery life regularly might be a time-consuming and monotonous task, while signal interference is rarely detectable until it happens. But, for a pharmacy, keeping a modern security system is the right approach.